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Molecular and Cell Biology Undergraduate Laboratory Courses

The Academic Assistant and laboratory staff provide support for a number of upper level Molecular and Cell Biology classes. We maintain a large inventory of chemicals, supplies, and equipment necessary to fulfill the needs of laboratory classes. In addition, we prepare many of the solutions needed for each lab. In an ongoing effort to offer high quality experiments for students, we are constantly reviewing our procedures in conjunction with feedback from students, teaching assistants, and professors. The field of molecular and cell biology is rapidly expanding, with new techniques and discoveries being made daily. Our challenge is to incorporate this information into the learning experience of the students in order to provide them with an enriching and exciting insight to the laboratory aspects of molecular and cell biology, as well as providing a strong foundation in basic skills used in the laboratory.

Courses Serviced:

MCB 2000, MCB 2225, MCB 2413, MCB 2610, MCB 3010, MCB 4026W, and MCB 4624

Laboratory Classrooms:

TLS 201, TLS 203, TLS 207, TLS 253, TLS 265, TLS 267, and TLS 277