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Biology 1100s Laboratories

Serving the following courses: Biol 1102, 1107, 1108 and 1110

Chris is the laboratory manager for the biology 1100 labs. The introductory biology laboratories (Biol 1102, 1108 and 1110) are located in Torrey Life Sciences and Bronwell, Engineering III (Biol 1107). These courses are affiliated with one or more of the following departments: EEB, MCB and PNB. The Laboratory Supervisor and staff administer all non-instructional laboratory support services including preparation and management of the laboratory rooms. Each 1100s course serves different programs and students, biology majors and non-majors. The laboratory experience is designed to provide students with hands-on activities that emphasize specific lecture topics through observation, experimentation and technical skills.

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Dr. Christopher Malinoski

Location: Bronwell: Room 103
Phone: (860) 486-4389
Fax: (860) 486-3943

Biology 1102:

Mary Brescia, Laboratory Technician III
Phone: 860-486-3181

Biology 1107:

Mary Pat Maloney, Laboratory Technician II
Phone: 860-486-4389

Mary Ellen Petersen, Laboraotry Technician I
Phone: 860-486-4389

Emily Gray, Laboratory Technician I
Phone: 860-486-4389

Biology 1108:

John Korte, Laboratory Technician I
Phone: 860-486-3181