Prices and Rates



Prices and Rates

All Scientific Illustrations

$20.00 per hour

B&W Line

$15.00-50.00 per piece

Continuous Tone

$50.00 and up per piece


$125.00 and up per piece



Prices and Rates

All Schematic Illustrations

$20.00 per hour

Black and White Line

$10.00-25.00 per piece


$25.00-50.00 per piece

Graphic Design and Services



Prices and Rates


$20.00 per hour


$20.00 per hour


$20.00 per hour


$20.00 per hour


$20.00 per hour

Logo Designs

$20.00 per hour

Large-Format Poster

Glossy Photo Paper

$5.00 per sqft

Heavyweight Coated Paper

$3.00 per sqft

Bond Paper

$10.00 flat rate poster draft

Layout Assistance

$25.00-75.00 per poster

General Printing

Photo (4x6) (inches)

$0.50 per page

Photo (8x10) (inches)

$3.00 per page

Inkjet (8.5x11) (letter)

$1.00 per page

Color Laser

$0.50 per page

Color Laser (Double Sided)

$0.75 per page

Overhead Transparencies

$2.00 per page


Slides or Negatives

$2.00 per scan

Slides to Digital (PPT)

$0.50 per scan

Flatbed (regular)

$5.00 per scan

Large (tabloid)

$10.00 per scan

Larger Scans

$20.00 per hour


Digital Photography

$20.00 per hour

Photo Editing (Simple)

$5.00 per photo

Photo Editing (Complex)

$10.00 per photo

Mounting or Laminating

Up to 24x30 (inches)

$5.00 and up

Powerpoint Slide Creation

Text Slides

$5.00 and up

Graphs, Charts, Tables

$10.00 and up

  • Publications, brochures, flyers, signs, certificates, scientific illustrations, schematic illustrations, and logo designs contain a rate of 20$ per hour.
  • Large-Format Posters, printing can be up to 42 (inches) maximum on one side. This includes a paper draft copy.
  • General Printing, add $0.25 for legal size photos.
  • Mounting and Laminating for larger sizes can be done through third party- call for pricing.

Other Information

  • General printing services: Work orders submitted for printing by 3:00pm will be available for pickup by 4:00pm the next working day. Mounting and/or laminating will take an extra day.
  • Large-format poster printing services: Customer created files, 3-5 days requested; if layout assistance needed, 10 days requested.
  • All other services: Times will vary with project. Please make an appointment to discuss your needs.
  • RUSH Orders: RUSH orders (same day service) are an inconvenience to everyone but occasionally cannot be helped. A 50% premium may be charged with these orders.